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Shamanic Exploration & Psychotherapy

The Beginning

Working with Power Animals

Meeting your Power Animal is usually the first step when you begin Shamanic Journeying. We can never be sure of the Power Animal(s) we will meet when we embark on that first Shamanic Journey to meet our Power Animal. Many if not most people are genuinely surprised by who their Power Animal turns out to be!

Each of us has at least one Power Animal, although according to the Shamanic traditions, we usually have more than one, with other Power Animals coming in to our lives for a particular purpose and leaving once their work is complete

A Power Animal is not a particular individual animal - a Power Animal is an archetype, which means each animal represents a specific nature with qualities that can help us develop and grow. So if a person's Power Animal is represented as a Tiger, for example, rather than being "a Tiger", he or she is "Tiger" with all the attributes of Tiger as an archetype

Working with Power Animals
Working with Power Animals

There are literally hundreds of books on the market describing the attributes of different Power Animals; however, I always encourage people to investigate for themselves how their Power Animal can help them. This was how I was taught to learn about my Power Animals

How I work

It is important in my work as a psychotherapist that my first priority is to empower others to help themselves, to be autonomous, to make their own decisions and choices

This is why it is important that you learn to journey to meet your Power Animal - rather than depending upon me, for example, to undertake a Shamanic Healing for you. Once you have accessed you own Power Animal(s), then we can work together on your journey of exploration combining Shamanic practice and psychotherapy

Assessment First

Before we agree to work together using Shamanic Exploration & Psychotherapy, I will need to complete a full initial consultation & assessment with you. So, in the first instance, to make arrangements for your initial appointment, please email me at

Working with Power Animals
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