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Reduce tinnitus distress

Specialist tinnitus clinics are run online wherever you are in the UK. With over 26 years experience, Debbie Featherstone can and will help you to deal with tinnitus.

Tinnitus is complex in terms of how it is produced, why it is produced and how we deal with it when we have it! It is often accompanied by other problems including hyperacusis (sensitivity to 'normal' level sounds) and anxiety and stress. In fact, a main feature of the neurobiological mechanism of tinnitus is that it is inextricably linked to the "stress" mechanism.

Initially, we will meet online for an assessment that takes 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete. Thereafter, the process takes anything from around 3 months to a year depending upon the individual, how much tinnitus distress there is to begin with and how long a high level of distress has been there, and effects of accompanying issues (hyperacusis, hearing loss, vestibular problems, anxiety, depression etc etc.)

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