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Shamanic Exploration and Psychotherapy

with Debbie Featherstone, MSc DHP(NC)

Shamanic Exploration & Psychotherapy became a new addition to the clinic in December 2012

Having worked extensively as a psychotherapist, combining cognitive and existential psychotherapeutic approaches, I have been keen to examine the efficacy (value / benefit) of integrating shamanic practice in to work with my clients

In 2008, I began training as a shamanic practitioner and have used shamanic work to help clients who have specifically asked for it. As a registered psychotherapist, however, I wanted to assure myself of peer reviewed evidence of its benefits before moving forward and making it available in my clinic

MSc in Psychotherapy Studies (Dissertation)

To that end, I conducted extensive research of peer reviewed literature for my MSc in Psychotherapy final dissertation. The results of the research enable me to include shamanic work in to my clinical practise

The title of my dissertation was “What are the psychotherapeutic effects of shamanic journeying in modern western psychotherapy practice?”

There is a wealth of literature published about shamanism, and much about the experiences of western anthropologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists reporting on their findings. There has been a surge of interest in it over the past decade, and in the past 2 -3 years, a number of formal research studies have been conducted that evidence the enormous benefit to individuals helped through shamanic journeying and other shamanic practices, such as soul retrieval. In fact, one of the most extensive research trials undertaken has been on the benefit outcomes for TMD (Temperomandibular Joint Disorder, also known as TMJ) (Vuckovic et al, 2010)

The research reports:

“In addition to having physical symptoms of TMD, study participants also shared other characteristics. They had a great deal of stress in their lives and often indicated a sense of being dispirited – commonly described as not feeling “present in their bodies” or that something was missing. These symptoms are consistent with soul loss, a condition treatable within the paradigm of shamanic healing.

”Significant Long Term Outcomes"

The outcomes for people participating in the trial include not just short term but long term “significant reduction in pain, functional impairment due to pain, and depression” following just 5 sessions of various shamanic treatments including soul retrieval

Other outcomes include:

  • Improvements in sleep

  • Increased energy levels

  • Increased self confidence, self esteem, self-worth

  • Increased capacity to cope or learn new coping skills to deal with stress, anxiety, depression

  • Making profound changes in many aspects of their lives – in their career, relationships and values

Other research confirms similar outcomes

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For further information, or to book an initial consultation, please contact Debbie Featherstone at Clitheroe Therapies Clinic. I recommend an initial brief email to tell me about what help you are looking for, and include a telephone number if you would like me to call you. I will call you as soon as possible between or at the end of clinics.

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