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Online Therapy

The use of online therapy has become ever more popular in recent years. It enables you, the user, to work through your problems at times that are convenient and fit in with an ever increasingly busy schedule. It also invariably costs less than attending clinic regularly.

For example, a full course of CBT treatment for anxiety consisting on average 10 x 60-90 minute therapy sessions (most commonly the first 5 or 6 sessions are weekly, thereafter fortnightly) costs £500.00.

CBT for Anxiety Part 1 - the De-Program Anxiety intervention - costs as little as £125 and the £125 includes email contact throughout the intervention and one online appointment using telehealth online platform Zoom.

Where Part 2 of the intervention is needed to follow - most commonly because of starting out with severe levels of anxiety - cost of Part 2 is £259. This too includes full email support throughout the process and one online appointment using telehealth online platform Zoom. Where additional one-to-one online appointments are needed, there is the option to pay for them separately at £75 per appointment.

Currently (April 2019) you could access the CBT for Anxiety intervention as a research participant if you have mild-moderate anxiety and believe you are able to work fully self-directed without the one-to-one therapy support DETAILS HERE

To view details of CBT for Anxiety Part One, click VIEW COURSE below:

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