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Hypnotherapy can be useful for many people and can help with a variety of issues. As with the psychotherapy approaches I use, most commonly cognitive therapy (CBT), existential psychotherapy and counselling, or often a combination of the three approaches, hypnotherapy can also be used as part of the therapy process. It is rare that I use hypnotherapy alone - it is far more effective when combined with one or more of the psychotherapy approaches. This combined model was integral in my post graduate training in Hypno-Psychotherapy


I am a CNHC Registered Hypnotherapist; the CNHC is a government driven registration body to help regulate the safe practice of hypnotherapy

Through attending for a first consultation / assessment with me, we can decide together if hypnotherapy is a good option for you as part of your course of therapy

CNHC Hypnotherapy Description  
Press release (CNHC Registration)

26 January 2011

Local hypnotherapist meets new national standards

A Clitheroe based hypnotherapist has become one of the first in the country to achieve a new national standard of excellence for her therapy

Debbie Featherstone, based at Clitheroe Therapies, 3 Castlegate, Clitheroe has been registered by the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the UK regulator for complementary healthcare.

The recognition places her at the forefront of a national drive to provide a benchmark for standards and safety for the public. Practitioners registered with the CNHC meet national occupational standards and abide by a rigorous code of conduct, performance and ethics.

Debbie said: “Achieving registration is not only great news for me and my clients, but a vital step for hypnotherapy.”

“This is the time of year when many people are struggling to keep up their new year resolutions. The most popular uses for hypnotherapy are around stress and anxiety conditions, weight control and addictive behaviours such as smoking and alcohol abuse.”

Hypnotherapy is one of 11 disciplines now recognised by the CNHC. Members of the public can search the CNHC register to find practitioners in their local area. More than 40,000 searches were carried out last year.

By providing a verification of standards, the CNHC allows GPs, hospitals, private healthcare providers and insurance companies to refer patients to hypnotherapy practitioners or to make hypnotherapy more readily available in health centres, clinics, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals

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